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AVReAl update — 1.29r1

avreal v1.29r1 (Sun 2018-02-11) has been released.

  • Added support for:
    • Attiny441, ATtiny841
    • ATmega48PB, ATmega88PB, ATmega168PB, ATmega328PB
    • ATmega324PB
  • The file with device serial number can now contain a 0x-prefixed hexadecimal number.
  • Fixed a bug where the character arrays for -h became too long and cuts off by vsnprintf(). But avreal was not crashes like avr-ld does.

    AVReAl update — 1.29r0

    avreal v1.29r0 (Wed 2013-12-11) has been released.

    • Switch -% replaced by message level switch -i;
    • If stdout is redirected to file critical messages are duplicated to stderr;
    • The final rejection of the switches grouping (-wv prohibited now, only -w -v allowed);
    • mega325PA, mega3250PA aliases added.

    AVReAl update — 1.28r14

    avreal v1.28r14 (Mon 2013-08-05) has been released.

    • Error in ATmega128rfr2, ATmega256rfr2 signatures — fixed;
    • ATmega32HVE, ATmega64HVE added.

    AVReAl update — 1.28r13

    avreal v1.28r13 (Sun 2013-06-02) has been released.

    bug in resync (MPSSE)

    Bug was found in SCK-pulse synchronisation in following conditions:

    • firmware sets high level on SCK pin;
    • an MPSSE-based adapter is used (FT2232, FT4232, FT232H).

    Microcontroller can be programmed again via USB-based adapter after erasing via LPT-based adapter.

    In my case the bug appears with AT90S8515 but not reproduced for ATmega168.

    Bugfix will be published as soon as possible.

    The bug has been fixed in version 1.28r13.

    AVReAl update — 1.28r12

    avreal v1.28r12 (Fri 2013-01-04) has been released.

    • ATtiny828, ATmega64RFR2, ATmega128RFR2, ATmega256RFR2 added.
    • “A lot of dots” replaced with something more like a progress bar.

    AVReAl update — 1.28r11

    avreal v1.28r11 (Sat 2012-06-23) has been released.

    • AT90pwm161, ATtiny1634 added
    • -a switch without arguments now generates an error message instead of usage of default FBPRG adapter

    AVReAl update — 1.28r10

    avreal v1.28r10 (Sun 2012-04-29) has been released.

    • Error in EEPROM size for ATmega328, ATmega328P — fixed.
    • Alias for ATtiny84A added.

    AVReAl update — 1.28r9

    avreal v1.28r9 (Tue 2011-12-20) has been released.

    • FT232H MPSSE mode support added.
    • Delays processing in Windows version changed: lower CPU load for -k/-K switches.
    • Resynchronisation method changed for all microcontrollers.
      Resync process started with one attempt of RESET pulse method then continued with SCK pulse method.
      More about synchronisation.

    AVReAl beta — 1.28r9b1

    avreal beta-version 1.28r9b1 with FT232H support has been released.
    Please, test it.

    Update: testing done, thanks.

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